Our Mission

Igniting passion and nurturing talent is what Taneo Academy aims for. We are committed to provide a thorough dance experience among our diverse students. Being the best ballet school in Singapore, we provide examinations and competitions with a fulfilling environment.

4 Key Values

As the best dance school in Singapore, we provide our services with 4 key values such as Discipline, Humility, Respect and Teamwork. They are not only indispensable among aspiring ballet dancers but also help all of us go on with the flow of our lives. As one of the ballet schools in the country, we make sure that our instructors are role models. Rest assured that your children can emulate the best people.

One Big Family

When looking for a professional dance school, Taneo Dance Academy is what you need. We have knowledgeable instructors who can make learning and mastery possible. Apart from that, we consider our stakeholders such as students and parents a family. We do not only focus on developing children’s potentials but also we exceed to that. We build rapport among our valuable clientele. Furthermore, our people are not just teachers, they act as parents and friends.